The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop

Chris and Robin

The Family Christmas Card

RebelHeart – Drumhead

The drummer for Madonna’s RebelHeart tour contacted me for an illustration for his drumheads he was going to use on the tour. This is the vector artwork created for the main image on the drumhead. It was created after the album artwork found inside the CD jacket. The image below is the final drumhead.

Charlie and Poppy


Mother and Daughter

The Big Adventure

A Night to Remember

Plenty of Parachutes

The Mending Paws Foundation Bikers

The Mending Paws Foundation holds an annual fundraising motorcycle run and was using a generic looking poster to advertise the event. They wanted to redesign the poster including the original graphic which had a dog riding on a motorcycle. The graphic that was on the poster at the time was basically clip art and didn’t have any life so they had me come up with a new graphic for the poster. I decided to incorporate the four animals from their logo while having a little fun at the same time.

The Pumpkin Kid

Nautical Nursery Tugboat

Nautical Nursery Whale

Gene Lavanchy

A Child’s Christmas in Wales


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Sax Player

Storm Home Services

Vector Kid

I had a sketch of this guy from a long time ago that I used as a test sketch when I was learning how to color hand-drawn artwork in Photoshop. I was pleased with the results but years later, I decided that he would be a good candidate for a vector makeover. So here it is!

The Glass Menagerie

The Fisherman

Do Lord Remember Me

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Faces of Eve

Leo B. Somebody

Mascot design for local credit union.

Red Head

This character was one of my first vector illustrations. I created him based off a quick sketch just to see how it would turn out.